Utako Kikutani
Scientific Illustrator

Short personal history:

The work of Utako Kikutani bridges the realms of art and science. Born in Japan, Kikutani spent her childhood in Kenya and Tanzania, where she became fascinated by and began to draw African wildlife. Ten years later, as she was about to complete a doctorate in Zoology at the University of Tokyo, Kikutani read an article about the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators in the United States and realized that, for her, the "ideal work" would combine her interests in Biology and drawing. A year later, she enrolled in the Scientific illustration program at the University of California, Santa Cruz. After several years freelancing in the New York City area, she is now based on Japan for Zoological and Biological projects.

For more information  : Science World (Scholastic)(2006)

 Recent activities:

Picture book, Walking with the dog was published from Children's Science series Fuuinkan Shoten. Cover illustration for the book, Bambi. Illustrations for the science dictionary "Biology" published from Tokyo Kagaku Dojin.
Poster illustration  for the exhibit, Fauna of Hollow Trees at the Kanagawa Prefecture Museum of Natural History. Illustrations for "BONES" exhibit at the Gunma Prefecture of Natural History.
Reconstructed images for the exhibits, Flower ~From the ancient flower to blue rose~, and Allosaurus has returned.
Reconstructed images of dinosaurs and birds for "21st Century Encyclopedia for Children, Dinosaur".
Reconstructed images of dinosaurs for the exhibit"Amazing continent, Antarctica". Reconstructed images of Futabasaurus suzukii for press release.
Reconstructed images of dinosaurs and birds for "Dinosaur EXPO 2005".
Reconstructed images of extinct reptiles of Devonian to Triassic period for children's encyclopedia, "Ancient Creatures", published from Shogakukan.
Created illustrations for "Stairway of Biohistory"-History of living things from the view point of Biodiversity. (JT Biohistory Research Hall). Created illustrations for "New Science"(Text book for junior high school student) published from Tokyo-shoseki.
Selected in the Bologna Illustrator's Exhibition (Non-fiction). 


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Guild of Natural Science Illustrators (GNSI)
Japan Wildlife Art Society (JAWLAS)